SWL Series Double Input Shafts Worm Gear Screw Jack

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SWL Series Double Input Shafts Worm Gear Screw Jack

A screw jack is a mechanical device that uses a screw to lift or move a heavy object. It is a simple and versatile tool used in a variety of applications, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing.

A jack is made up of screws, nuts, and handles. The screw is threaded and connected to a fixed base. The nut is set to the load that needs to be lifted. The handle is used to turn the screw in order to raise the nut and gear.

The amount of force required to turn a screw is determined by the pitch of the screw. Pitch is the distance between the screw threads. A coarse-pitch screw requires more force to ride than a fine-pitch screw.

The weight a screw jack can lift is determined by the bearing capacity of the screw. Carrying capacity refers to the maximum weight that the screw can be safely lifted.

Double Input Shafts Worm Gear Screw Jack Parameters:

Type Model Screw thread size Max Max Weight without stroke Screw weight
lifting strength pull force kg per 100mm
kN kN
SWL worm gear screw jack SWL1 Tr22*4 20 20 6.3 0.35
SWL2.5 Tr30*6 25 25 7.3 0.45
SWL5 Tr40*7 50 50 16.2 0.82
SWL10/15 Tr58*12 100/150 99 25 1.67
SWL20 Tr65*12 200 166 36 2.15
SWL25 Tr90*16 250 250 70.5 4.15
SWL35 Tr100*18 350 350 87 5.2
SWL50 Tr120*20 500 500 420 7.45
SWL100 Tr160*23 1000 1000 1010 13.6
SWL120 Tr180*25 1200 1200 1350 17.3

Double Input Shafts Worm Gear Screw Jack Applications:

The application range of worm gear screw jack includes lifting, displacement, tightening, turning, and other executive devices on the production line, tightening, lifting, and turning devices on the metallurgical equipment, flexible tooling of the automobile manufacturing industry, welding elevator, car elevator, solar tracking device of the photovoltaic industry monocrystalline silicon, special polysilicon furnace, remote control executive device in the aerospace field, National defense, astronomical telescope, lifting platform lifting device, medical equipment, woodworking machinery, food machinery of various executive mechanisms, vertical lathe, gantry machine tools such as lifting device, as well as shipbuilding, water conservancy, paper making, food, storage, casting, and other industries of lifting device.



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Advantages Of Screw Jacks:

Compared with other lifting mechanisms, screw jacks have the following advantages:

High lifting capacity: Screw jacks can lift heavy objects easily, making them ideal for applications with high lifting capacity.

Precise positioning: Screw jacks can precisely lift and position loads, making them ideal for applications requiring high accuracy.

Easy to use: Screw jack is a simple mechanical device, easy to operate, less maintenance needs.

Versatility: Screw jacks can be used in a variety of applications, from industrial machinery to automobile repair.

Safety: Screw jacks are designed to be stable and secure, which makes them a safe lifting mechanism.

Screw Jack Application: