A screw jack is a simple mechanical device used to lift heavy objects with relative ease. They are commonly used in a range of applications from industrial machinery to automotive repair, and come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet different needs.


Design and Operation of Screw Jacks

Screw jacks usually consist of worm gear, lead screw and lifting mechanism. Worm gear is a cylindrical gear with spiral threads engaged with the lead screw teeth. The lead screw is a threaded rod that rotates as the worm gear rotates. When the lead screw rotates, the lifting mechanism moves up or down according to the direction of rotation.

The lifting mechanism of the screw jack can be changed according to the application. It can be a simple platform or a set of jaws used to carry cargo. Some screw jacks may also include a locking mechanism to prevent the load from sliding or moving when the jack is not in use.




Types Of Screw Jack

Machine Screw Jack

The jack features a screw and a lifting nut, both made of metal. Screws are usually made of steel, while lifting nuts can be made of bronze or other materials. Machine screw jacks are known for their durability and ability to handle heavy loads.

Eletric Screw Jack

An electric screw jack is an electro-mechanical device used to lift or lower heavy objects. It consists of a spiral mechanism that converts rotational motion into linear motion and an electric motor that powers the spiral. The screw passes through a lifting nut that is attached to the load being lifted.

Worm Gear Screw Jack

This type of screw jack features a worm gear set that reduces the speed of the input motor and increases its torque. The worm gear set is attached to a screw that is threaded through a lifting nut to move the load up or down.


Screw jacks can be driven manually or using motors. Manual screw jacks are operated by turning the handle or lever to turn the worm gear. Electric screw jacks, on the other hand, use electric or hydraulic motors to rotate the worm gear and move the lifting mechanism.

Advantages of Screw Jacks

High Lifting Capacity

Screw jacks can lift heavy loads with ease, making them ideal for applications where a high lifting capacity is required.

Precise Positioning

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Applications of Screw Jacks

Industrial machinery: Screw jacks are commonly used in industrial machinery such as presses, elevators and conveyors to lift and position heavy objects.

Auto repair: Screw jacks are used in auto repair shops to lift vehicles for maintenance and repair work.

Aerospace: Screw jacks used in the aerospace industry to lift and position heavy equipment during assembly and maintenance.

Construction: Screw jacks are used in construction to lift and position heavy materials such as steel beams and concrete forms.

Entertainment: Jacks are used in the entertainment industry to lift and position lighting and sound equipment.

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